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After this, she was hand picked by Alvin Ailey to continue her full scholarship training in New York City with the Alvin Ailey company. Her training came from the Masters and Pioneers of Jazz Dance. These Masters are Twyla Tharp, Gus Giordano, Bob Fosse, Lou Conte, Sherry Zunker, Alvin Ailey, Limon, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Lar Lubavitch , Elisa Monte, and so many others. She was classically trained in ballet by some of the very best including Warren Conover, Birute Barrodiciate, Igal Perry, Stone and Cameron, Basil Thompson and many others. 

Her professional career was with some of the very best contemporary dance companies of our time. Her dream of becoming a Hubbard Street dancer came true in 1993. She was in the company for 4 years and while there was hand picked for every new work that came to the company. She was a soloist for Twyla Tharp, Danny Ezralow, Kevin O’Day, Mauricio Wainrot, Margo Sappington and many others. She has also danced for Elisa Monte, Diane Jocobowitz, Sam Watson and River North Dance Chicago.

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Rhonda Henriksen started professionally dancing at the age of 19. She started her training under full scholarship with Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago and Lou Conte Dance studio (home to Hubbard Street Dance Chicago) and Milwaukee City Ballet company.



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