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Training Programs

Metropolitan Ballet Theatre offers a range of programs to meet the developmental needs of dancers at each every stage of their physical, mental, emotional and artistic growth. MBT especially prides itself focused consistency in daily training, achieved by the efforts of a small and dedicated faculty. 

Each division sets different entry requirements and standards.



The Preparatory division of MBT (known as MBTPrep) is prepares young dancers for joining the MBT Trainee and Pre-Professional divisions. These include dancers aged five and older who have little or no previous dance training.


MBTPrep students are taught the fundamentals of ballet in a serious, yet nurturing environment. Syllabus includes ballet, movement, ballet terminology, and the basics of ballet culture. Auditions are not required to be in Prep classes or to be included in the end-of-year performance.


Benefits of MBTPrep:

  • Expert training right from the start

  • Opportunity to perform in the annual Nutcracker performances

  • On track to join Metropolitan's Trainee, PrePro, and Conservatory programs.

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MBT’s Trainee program is for experienced and focused ballet dancers ages 6-8. Dancers are invited into the trainee program after being observed and evaluated during a ballet class. Trainees perform at least three times during each school year and serve as role models to MBT’s MetPrep dancers. Successful trainees graduate into MBT’s prestigious PrePro Division.

Young dancers are introduced to basic ballet in a comprehensive program building toward the Pre-Professional division.


Coordination, musicality, rhythmics, French terminology, ballet class etiquette, and class sequencing are taught with a very small teacher-student ratio from an age-appropriate syllabus.


Trainee Level I begins with one hour of ballet per week.

Trainee Level II and III range from 2-4 hours of ballet per week, with one hour of optional Jazz.


Trainee Summer Camp


Our Trainee Summer Camp in July runs from 1:00 - 4:00 PM. This is a time for ages 4 - 8 to keep learning, maintain their flexibility, and increase their skills in a fun and friendly setting. includes ballet class, variation class, jazz class, dance-centered art activities, and dance video. $250 per student. Check back for more information and link to register!

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Metropolitan Ballet Theatre's Pre-Professional program focuses on the increased individual instructional needs of dancers aged 10 through 21.


Classification is based on skill level rather than age.


All Pre-professional students take class in ballet technique and Jazz. Advanced levels also include pointe and modern. In-class time ranges from 6.5 hours per week in the lower levels up to 26 hours per week at higher levels.


Students 10 years and above wishing to join MBT must arrange for an audition before applying.


Performances are staged throughout the year and require extra rehearsal time, from 4 to 8 hours per week.


Scheduled classes run from August through May, and open classes and summer workshops are available in the June and July.





For dedicated dance students enrolled in independent school programs (homeschool, online school, half-day programs, or other alternative academic arrangements), MBT's Conservatory program offers intensive training during the day.


The program offers additional classes totaling 6 additional hours of dance class per week (totaling 26+ hours per week when combined with Pre-Professional class time), and a study room with internet access and desk space.

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