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Pre-Professional Program


Metropolitan Ballet Theatre's Pre-Professional program focuses on the increased individual instructional needs of dancers aged 10 through 21.


Classification is based on skill level rather than age.


All Pre-professional students take class in ballet technique and Jazz. Advanced levels also include pointe and modern. In-class time ranges from 6.5 hours per week in the lower levels up to 35 hours per week at higher levels.


Students 10 years and above wishing to join MBT must arrange for an audition before applying.


Performances are staged throughout the year and require extra rehearsal time, from 4 to 8 hours per week.


Scheduled classes run from August through May, and open classes and summer workshops are available in the June and July.


Pre-Professional Conservatory


For dedicated dance students enrolled in alternative school programs (home school, online school, other alternative school arrangements), Metropolitan Ballet Theatre offers additional training during the day through our Conservatory Program.


The program offers an additional 19 hours of dance class per week and a school room with WiFi for afternoon study time.

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